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Virtual Private Data Center

What is VPDC Shield ? [ - ]

VPDC stands for Virtual Private Data Center. VPDC Shield  is architecture template in our cloudinfinit platform. Customers who doesnt need a dedicated server or load balancer can opt for this solution template. Customer has choice of using their own software based load balancers.  Today this architecture can be subscribed online through our myservices portal.


How many network tiers can I build? [ - ]

During VPDC service subscription you have choice of buying single or two tier network acrchitecture.


What is VPDC Assure? [ - ]

VPDC stands for Virtual Private Data Center. VPDC Assure is a architecture template in our cloudinfinit platform. This is recommended for customer having complex network architecture with dedicated server requirement.  VPDC Assure helps you to connect to your MPLS and VPN network.  Today this architecture can be subscribed in a manual mode. You can reach out to our business support teams to work on a proposal for you.

How many instances can I run in a CloudInfinit VPDC? [ - ]

You are limited ro running 29 hosts per VPDC network tier. VPDC comes with single tier and two tier. Hence in two tier architecture you are limited to run 58 hosts. If you need more instances, you can reach out to our technical support teams with your use cases and your instance increase will be considered.

Virtual Private Server/Instance

What is VPS? [ - ]


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a ready-to-use bundled IT infrastructure package for internet-based application hosting on a secure multi-tenant, enterprise grade environment backed with stringent service level guarantees.
  • Go-live with public facing web applications instantly
  • Best suited for 1-2 web servers / data base servers in single tier architecture
  • Comes bundled with internet, security (Firewall), network design, DNS and IP etc..
  • Scale up vCPU, RAM, bandwidth and storage on need basis
Resources include storage, processor, memory, firewall protection, DNS services, usable IP address along with system health management and reporting of the virtual machines. There are also options to scale up vCPU, RAM, Bandwidth and storage.
Sify's VPS brings in an array of services with multi tenancy enablement, bundled with flexible pricing options of per instance subscription and flexible contract terms. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) enables customers to go to market within a desired timeframe by minimizing cost on IT investment.
Clients can effectively adopt and manage cloud-ready solutions as our services automate the deployment and management of resources and applications in the cloud with built in high availability guaranteeing SLAs ranging from 99.5% to 99.99%.



What is VPI ? [ - ]

VPI stands for virtual private instance. Precriteria for consuming VPI is that you need to first buy a VPS or VPDC to. VPI are basically the cloudinfinit compute instances that helps our customer to build scalable computing infrastructure.


How will I get credentials of my subscribed VPS/VPI ? [ - ]

Your credentials will be mailed to your registered email id.   


How do I access my VPS/VPI from internet? [ - ]

Once the credentials are received through your registered email, you need to enable the default Firewall rules that for  i.e SSH or RDP sessions from internet. Goto "My Dashboard" in the cloudinfinit myservices portal, choose VPDC and manage your firewall by yourself.  For more assistance you can refer our configuring and managing firewall documentation section.


How quickly will VPS/VPI be running ? [ - ]

Instances launched for the first time may take slightly longer time to boot.  During initial boot,our VPS/VPI typically takes around 20mins to 2 hrs. Subsequent reboots normally takes less than few seconds to start.  Also this is dependent on the data size of the VPI image.

Do I have full access to VPS/VPI? [ - ]

Yes you will have full access to the VPS/VPI.


What Operating System Platforms you provide along with VPS/VPI? [ - ]

We support close to 32+  templates which are tested by our cloud admins. We support both 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems.  We have created this templates based on our past cloud requriements from our customers. If you have a new template to be created , please reach out to our technical support teams. They will assist you to create.

# Instance OS Type Instance OS Description
1 Windows WIN2K3 STD 64BIT
2 Windows WIN2K3 ENT 64BIT
3 Windows WIN2K8 STD 32BIT
4 Windows WIN2K3 ENT 32BIT
5 Windows WIN2K8 ENT 64BIT
6 Windows WIN2K8 STD 64BIT
7 Windows WIN2K8 ENT 32BIT
8 Windows WIN2K3 STD 32BIT
9 Windows with DB WIN2K8 STD 64bit MySQL 5.5
10 Windows with DB WIN2K8 STD 64bit SQL2K8 STD 64
11 Windows with DB WIN2K8 STD 32bit SQL2K8 STD 32
12 Windows with DB WIN2K8 ENT 32bit SQL2K8 ENT 32
13 Windows with DB WIN2K8 ENT 64bit SQL2K8 STD 64
14 Windows with DB WIN2K8 STD 32bit MySQL 5.5
15 Windows with DB WIN2K8 ENT 64bit SQL2K8 ENT 64
16 Windows with DB WIN2K8 ENT 32bit SQL2K8 STD 32
17 Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64bit
18 Linux Ubuntu11.04 64BIT
19 Linux CentOS5.5 32BIT
20 Linux CentOS5.5 64BIT
21 Linux REDHAT5.6 64BIT
22 Linux REDHAT5.6 32BIT
23 Linux REDHAT6.1 32BIT
24 Linux REDHAT6.1 64BIT
25 Linux with DB CentOS 5.5 64bit MySQL 5.5
26 Linux with DB Ubuntu 11.04 64bit Mysql 5.1
27 Linux with DB REDHAT 6.1 32bit MYSQL 5.5
28 Linux with DB CentOS 5.5 32bit MySQL 5.5
29 Linux with DB REDHAT 6.1 64bit MYSQL 5.5
30 Linux with DB REDHAT 5.6 64bit MYSQL 5.5
31 Linux with DB Ubuntu 12.04 64bit Mysql 5.5
32 Linux with DB REDHAT 5.6 32bit MYSQL 5


Can I bring my own operating system? [ - ]

Yes you can bring your own operating system but this is a manual process through our technical support teams.


What is default data store you provide for your VPS/VPI? [ - ]

When VPS or VPI is launched from our cloudinfinit platform you will have ability to store your root devices data on the local instance store . You can keep adding additional drive which can hold 2 TB.  VPDC Assure platforms will help you to build block store and file stores.

Are my instance by default backedup? [ - ]

Sify is not responsible for your data unless you have subscribed for data backup services separately.  You need to subscribe for InfinitProtect services and inform the technical support teams on what files and folders that needs to be backed up. Technical support teams will provide you backup provisioning form to get the details on what needs to be backed up on a instance.


What is the uptime of the VPS/VPI ? [ - ]

We have two products VPS/VPI - Standard/HA.  Standard Instance provide 99.5% uptime and HA instance provides you 99.9%. Based on your business requirement you choose what type of VPS or VPI you need in your virtual private data center. 


Can I upgrade CPU /RAM myself? [ - ]

Yes you have option to upgrade CPU/RAM online.


How many public IP do I get per VPS/VPI ? [ - ]

By default all VPS will have one public IP. All VPI in the external network zone has a choice for Public IP.


Managed Dedicated Server

What is the difference between VPS/VPI/MDS ? [ - ]

VPS and VPI are virtual instances.

MDS stands for managed dedicated server . MDS subscription allows to use the complete physical server of different configuration. MDS is suitable for workloads which cannot run on VPS/VPI.  High workloads will be suitable to run on MDS.

Network | Bandwidth | Firewall | Load Balancers

What bandwidth plans do you offer? [ - ]

By default with VPS and VPDC we offer data transfer plans.


Do you provide DNS service? [ - ]

Yes, we provide DNS services.


Do you provide firewall service? [ - ]

Yes, we provide firewall services to protect your assets.


What load balancers you provide ? [ - ]

We offer load balancers in VPDC Assure tempaltes ONLY. 

- General Load Balancer.

- SSL Load Balancer.

- Global Server Load Balancer.

Backup Services

What are the data backup services you provide? [ - ]

We provide standard and encrypted data backup services to protect your data.  


Technical Service Support

Where do I contact for your technical support?[ - ]

The Service Desk can be reached by anyone of the following methods:
UAN : 1860-345-7439 Option # 6
E-Mail :

Please refer our  Support Pages -> Contact us for more support numbers.



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